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5 Signs Your Guy Doesn’t Cheat on You (and most likely never will)

Facing the moment when you know that your guy has cheated on you is probably the worst pain one could feel. And old Greek laws allowed men or women to kill their spouses if they caught them in the act. Some women even fear getting married or even being in a relationship out of fear that their partners might be cheaters. However, there are signs with which you could tell that your man doesn’t nor will cheat on you, including:

1- He is not an introvert. Bear in mind that we AREN’T saying that all introverts are cheaters. It is just that some of them are especially good at hiding anything related to them and do a remarkably excellent job at masking their emotions and covering up their track. So if nobody knows anything about them they can cheat easily.

2- He loves heavy metal. Yeah, I’m not kidding. This was the result of a survey by The Mirror. The survey said that heavy metal listeners came up last in the number of those who cheat on their spouses.

3- He usually doesn’t make less money than you, if you are in similar jobs. Makes sense. The cheating ones have all these surprising obligations and accidents that eat up money (when in truth it is spent on their new flames).

4- He has a big family. Big families cherish family values and abhor things like cheating and dishonesty. If your guy has a sister he would break her partner’s jaw if he cheated on her, so naturally he wouldn’t do it himself.

5- He picks company who also hate cheating. While men who cheat find it funny and commendable that people cheat on their girlfriends and partners, your guy doesn’t. Therefore, he wouldn’t befriend those who enjoy this type of behavior or stories about it.

Signs Your Guy Doesn’t Cheat on You (and most likely never will)

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