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Five Signs Your Body Is Loaded With Parasites

Parasites infestation in your body is more likely than you’d ever imagine, even if you mind everything going in your mouth there is still a high chance that you have many parasites living in your body.
Some parasites can lead to diseases and undesired symptoms directly while others lead to diseases because of the toxic proteins they produce.

Some parasites live in your digestive tract and feed on the food you are eating while other parasites feed on your blood cells and all types of parasites lay eggs in your body cells. Getting infected with a parasites infestation could be the result of consuming contaminated food or water, contact with pets, poor hygiene and a weak immune system.

Here’s a few signs that could indicate that your body is packed with parasites and you don’t even know.

1- Digestive Problems.

Parasitic infestation in your stomach can destroy the stomach lining in which in return lead to chronic unexplained diarrhea that won’t go away. Also the toxics that the parasites produce can lead to gas, bloating, a change in the appetite and constipation. So if you think your eating habits are healthy yet you are experiencing too many digestive problems then consider a parasitic cleanse.

2- Anal Itching.

Itchiness around the anus area is a big indicator for parasitic infestation; this problem is commonly reported by patients with pinworm parasites. The Itchiness happens when the female pinworm lays its eggs within your skin cells.
The Itchiness usually occurs during the night which leads to restless sleeps. If the person scratches the itching area then the skin may get broken down and that may lead to a secondary skim infection.

3- Constant Fatigue and Weakness.

Constant fatigue and mental unclarity could be another sin of a parasitic infection. This symptom is more associated with intestinal parasites which feed on the food you eat and absorb vital nutrients from your food that your body need.
Malabsorption of these vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fat leaves your body exhausted and your mind unclear.

4- A Change In Appetite and Weight Loss.

If you notice a change in your appetite basically increasing yet you are losing weight then this is an indicator that you may be having a pinworm or tapeworm infestation in your body.
These types of worms eat a good amount of the food that you eat, leaving your body hungry for more food so essentially you tend to eat more yet you end up losing more weight because your body is not making use of the food that you at.

5- Mental Distress.

A parasites infestation can cause mood swings, depression, anxiety and even visual hallucinations along with other digestive problems.
The stomach contains both neurons and neurotransmitter more specifically (serotonin).
The toxic metabolic waste that gets produced by the parasites in the intestines attack the neurons and neurotransmitter in the intestines, causing mood swings, nervousness, anxiety and even depression.

Five Signs Your Body Is Loaded With Parasites.

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