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Keep your shoes from smelling stinky

Bad shoes’ odors are very disturbing and embarrassing. This bad smell is formed due to bacteria living on feet, and such smells get transferred to shoes and make them smell terrible.

– The Cause of Shoe Odor
This smell is formed by the bacteria living on human skin. Foot odor is stronger than any other odors produced by the human body.
Here are some easy tips to avoid such an embarrassing smell.

– Using items that absorb moistures and prevent smells
There are many things you can put inside new shoes to absorb unpleasant smells. There are many items you can use to absorb smells such as baking soda, sugar, and charcoal.

– Alternate the Shoes you use
Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for more than one day. Get several pairs of shoes for different uses; such as work, exercise and shopping; give the shoes a chance to air out and stop odors from building up.

– Wearing Socks
Try to always put on socks when wearing your shoes. Socks absorb moisture from the feet, helping them to dry. And of course you should not wear the same pair of socks twice. This keeps the bacteria from building up in the soft material.

– Washing Your Feet
Many people neglect to wash their feet in the shower. It’s commonly assumed that the feet will get clean in the soapy water anyway. Make sure to wash your feet properly using soap and scrub them with pumice stone. Feet should be completely dry before putting on socks and shoes.

– Expose them to the sun
Air your shoes in the sun every once in a while. The sun rays kill bacteria and dries out the moisture in it.

Keep your shoes from smelling stinky

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