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6 Shocking Household Items That Make You Gain Weight

Obvious factors like lack of exercise and consumption of foods filled with carbohydrates and fats are known to contribute to weight gain. However, you might be gaining weight due to other hidden factors called “obesogens”. Obesogens are chemicals that derived their name from contributing to obesity by disturbing the body’s ability to maintain healthy weight.

These chemicals have different properties that encourage weight gain. For instance, obesogens can mess up metabolism, decrease the rate of calorie burning and encourage calories storage as fat. These chemicals can also affect adipocytes, fat cells, by increasing their number and giving them a higher fat storage capacity.

Types of obesogens are various and they often work by disturbing hormonal balance. Feeling full or hungry can be affected with these hormonal changes. Obesogens can also change the environment of the digestive system and cause spread of harmful infections that promote obesity. Here are the ten most shocking household items that contain such chemicals:

6. Diet Foods and Diet Soda : Diet products that contain the artificial sweetner aspartame cause weight gain instead of weight less. This is due to the impairment of insulin response and the alteration of gut microbes resulting from the consumption of some diet foods and diet soda.

5. Skin Care Products : The obesogens found in skin care products, known as parabens, disturb hormonal balance.

4. Some Purses : Touching purses that are made from polyvinyl chloride causes hormonal fluctuations that lead to weight gain.

3. Receipts : If a receipt is useless, get rid of it as soon as possible as receipts often contain BPA which fatten adipocytes.

2. Cosmetics and Baby Care Products : Cosmetics and baby care products have phthalates such as dibutyl phthalates which act as obesogens.

1. Blinds and Shower Curtains : Blinds are usually made with polyvinyl chloride, the plasticizers for-mentioned in purses. As for shower curtains, they usually contain an obesogen called tributyltin that causes hormonal disruption.
Household Items That Make You Gain Weight

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