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10 Shocking Health Hazards of Using Technology

Technology has taken over our lives to the degree that some of us can’t live a day without spending half of it or more using technology and its gadgets. The fact that technology is becoming more user-friendly than ever; no one would be surprised to see toddlers using it all the time. Our constant contact with technology exposes us to terrible health hazards as you will read on.

10. Cell Phone Allergies

One expects naturally existing factors like certain foods, pollen and animal fur to be the main reasons of allergies but cell phones can cause allergic reactions too. A facial allergic reaction like dermatitis can appear because of facial contact with cell phones. You can prevent this problem be putting the phone on speaker.

9. Keyboard Wrist Pain

Typing too much can lead to carpel tunnel which is a cause of wrist pain. Hence, slow down on computer use and set the keyboard at a lower level that doesn’t make your wrists bend upwards.

8. Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phones receive and send signals with radiation. This radiation can affect the health of cell phone users. The health hazard of cell phone radiation is reduced with the emergence of new cell phones.

7. Cell Phone Acne

Allergies are not the only facial problems that cell phones can cause, but acne is another annoying skin problem that can result from the use of cell phones. Carrying cell phones everywhere makes them covered with a cornucopia of bacteria. Hence, when that germ infested device is placed against the face, oil builds up and causes acne on cheeks and chin. Use a headset or put the phone on speaker to avoid contacting bacteria.

6. Computer Back and Neck Pain

Leaning towards a laptop, tablet or computer screen to read fine prints strains the neck. Moreover, neck and back pain can be caused by hunching over any kind of computer. If excessive sitting while using the computer is the cause of your back pain, you can buy or make a standing desk which enables you to use the computer while standing. Getting a case to hold your tablet upright is also helpful.

5. Facebook Decreased Attention-Deficient Disorder

The constantly updating news feed of Facebook can affect brain activity resulting in a decreased attention span. Facebook only provides virtual connection to the world, so there is no need to get attention-deficient disorder because of it. Reduce your time online and socialize with the real world.

4. Screen Headaches

Straining your eyes by gluing them to the computer screen for prolonged periods of time blurs your vision and causes headaches. A good alternative to reading on the computer is to listen to audio recordings of the articles or books that you want to read.

3. WiFi Decreased Sperm Count

Your use of the next generation of technology could make you the last generation of the family. WiFi radiation can kill sperms when a man puts a laptop on his lap. Hence, keep your computer on the desk to save your sperm count.

2. Laptop Burns

If the above reason didn’t convince you to keep the laptop off your lap, this one must because it can affect anyone whether male or female. Laptop’s temperatures can rise significantly causing second-degree burns which are not fun to anyone.

1. Headphone Hearing Impairment

Loud noise levels are a main cause of hearing loss. Therefore, keep the headphone volume around 80 decibels to ensure the safety of your ears. If others around you can hear the music you are listening to, it means that you have to turn that sound down.
Health Hazards of Using Technology
Shocking Health Hazards of Using TechnologyShocking Health Hazards of Using TechnologyShocking Health Hazards of Using Technology

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