5 Shocking Foods that are Lethal If Consumed Enough

Did you know that some of your favorite fruits and vegetables can turn against you if you eat enough of them? Well, it’s true. Some of the healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables have natural toxins within them. According to pre-set calculations, the food you consume may kill you when you have the amounts set forth.

5. Rise : Rise contains a toxin called arsenic that causes abdominal pain, vertigo and vomiting when you have too much of it. Levels of arsenic are highest in brown rice but for rice to actually cause death, you’re going to need to eat 7 million servings of rice, or 1800 cups, in one session. Nevertheless, regular exposure to even low amounts of arsenic eventually leads to bladder cancer and heart problems.

4. Potato : Potatoes contain a natural toxin named solanine which is concentrated mainly in potatoes starting to grow shoots and turn green. Solanine poisoning causes diarrhea, vomiting and a possible cardiac arrest. In order to experience these symptoms from potatoes, an individual has to eat a whole pound of green potatoes.

3. Cherries, Apricots, Plums, and Peaches : Eating the seed of fruits such as cherries and peaches is not only hard and bitter; it also contains compounds that your body eventually turns into cyanide. Astonishingly, one or two crushed seeds may cause death.

2. Apples and Pears : Apple and pear seeds also contain cyanogenic compounds that turns into cyanide once inside your body. For this to happen, the seeds have to be thoroughly crushed. Cyanide poisoning from apples takes eating 25 apple cores to do the job.

1. Rhubarb : Rhubarb leaves contain oxalic acid, a chemical found in bleach and other household products. Eating rhubarb leaves leads to burning sensations in your mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting, and possibly death. However, in order for the toxin to truly affect you, you need to consume about 10 pounds of rhubarb leaves.
Shocking Foods that are Lethal If Consumed Enough

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