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Shed Extra Pounds with This Chilly Trick

Losing weight is all about burning these extra fats into energy whether by exercising or forcing the body to resort to burning the fats by minimizing calorie intake. However, there is another trick that can help you burn up those calories. All you have to do is to get exposed to cold temperature and your body will start burning up stored fats to provide energy to heat you up.

Saving Money

For this trick to be effective, you have to stop relying on your heaters and leave the cold air to help you drop some pounds. Unlike other weight loss plans which might cost a fortune, this trick will save you some money as you won’t spend much on electricity that is usually wasted on heating the home up. You can also benefit from outdoors low temperature by exercising outside.

Consuming Calories

When exposing your body to shivering temperatures, you are burning up five more times of energy than you would normally burn at rest. However, you must take care not to compensate for that heat loss by eating and compromising your main purpose. Apart from shivering, cold temperatures activates brown fats, fats that contribute to weight loss according to studies.

Catching Diseases

If you are worried that coldness might make you sick, just warm your extremities and you will be safe from problems like frost bite. Note that cold diseases such as the common cold are a result of closing windows and allowing germs to accumulate, so ventilating a space with cold air is better than providing a good environment for germs.

In conclusion, if you want to lose weight, don’t sweat it, literally! Just turn down the heat at home and at the office, or just go out during the winter and participate in an outdoor activity that exposes you to coldness.

Shed Extra Pounds with This Chilly Trick

Shed Extra Pounds with This Chilly Trick

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