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7 Several Great Uses for Fruit Peels

No one really uses fruit peels for anything (probably except lemon zest that is used to make some cooking recipes). However, in this article you will learn to place fruit peels where they are needed instead of the garbage bin.

1. Fruit peels can be used to make house cleaners. Orange and lemon peels are especially good for that. With them you have an echo friendly chemical-free cleaner.

2. Fruit peels can repel insects. Orange peels can keep bugs away. So the next time you’re dining outside, just put an orange peel close by and the bugs won’t bother you.

3. You can clean, freshen and disinfect surfaces and counters using fruit peels. So instead of using Clorox with its nauseating smell for cleaning the stove top and countertop, rub them with a lemon or orange peel,

4. Some fruit peels help you do a polishing job really well. For example, you can polish silver with banana. Turn 2-3 banana peels with your food processor into a paste with 1/4 cup water. Rub the silver with the paste using a soft cloth, and then wash off the rest of the peel paste with water. Dry with a paper towel.

5. Some fruit peels can help your plants grow stronger, especially roses and tomatoes. Add banana peels to the soil. Remember that bananas are a super food for their rich nutrient content, and your garden plants can make use of these nutrients too.

6. Just like banana peels clean silverware, apple peels can clean aluminum. Fill a stained aluminum pot with water and some apple peels and boil for 10 – 15 minutes to make your pot shiny again.

7. Banana peels can help cure some skin ailments, such as rashes, itches and bug bites. Bug bites, poison ivy, rashes and itchy skin in general can all be calmed with banana peel. You may not believe this, but banana peels are even more effective than medicinal treatments.

Uses for Fruit Peels

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