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Seven Ways To Boost Your Memory

Do you find yourself forgetting many things lately? Like where did you park your car? Your colleague’s name or where you put things? If the case is so then you may consider some exercises to sharpen your memory before the condition get worse, memory is something that is very powerful and highly needed, that is why we should always sharpen it and do what it needs to strengthen it more, below we have prepared to you an article about how to boost your memory and exercise it constantly.

1- Reduce Alcohol Consumption.

Alcohol was scientifically proven to destroy brain cells and specially those needed to form clear memories, people who consume alcohol in excessive amounts always have difficulties concentrating or remembering things, therefore it is always best to limit your alcohol consumption to the minimum or completely prevent it.

2- Control Stress.

When you are tense and stressed from all the things that are going on around you, you’ll start forgetting simple things like where you left your car keys or where you put your morning coffee, at that time your mind is all over the place and thinking about too many things, whenever you feel tense or stressed try to practice any relaxing technique like yoga or meditation or distract yourself from the things that are stressing you.

3- Exercise.

Science have proven that there is such a strong link between a healthy body and a healthy mind, exercising improve the blood circulation which helps to feed the brain with more oxygen and blood, the thing that make your brain including your memory function on a better base, opt to do cardio exercises most everyday for at least twenty minutes and practice strength exercise 2 to 4 times a week.

4- associate.

Your brain receive too many information constantly, most of these information is useless, what your brain consider useless it just saves it in the short term memory and it get forgotten after a short time, therefore you need to tell your brain what information is important and you need to be saved in the long term memory, you can do that by associating the new information with other old information that you will never forget, for example, you met a woman who’s name is Betty you will need to associate her name with someone who’s name Betty and you will never forget.

5- Stop Multitasking.

When you are multitasking you are not paying enough attention to anything you are doing, which makes it harder later on to recall the information. Hence the way to boost your memory and recall information easier is by paying enough attention and concentrating at one thing at a time.

6- Divide The Information Into Groups.

Things like phone numbers and license plate numbers are hard to remember, it would be easier to divide such numbers into three or four groups that will be easier to remember, also opt to give a rhyme for the numbers, it was proven that information with a rhyme get committed in the memory easier.

7- Leave Yourself Reminders.

If all the above fail then you may consider leaving yourself notes to remind you of the things that need to be done, you can also download a smart phone application that will notify you of the times and things you need to do.

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