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Seven Tips On How To Easily Apply False Eyelashes Professionally

Nice long and thick eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger, sexier and more beautiful, but unfortunately not everyone of us is blessed with gorgeous thick eyelashes, however you can still achieve that sexy look in only three minutes by applying class eyelashes that will make your eyes look more glamorous, you will only need a bit if practice to perfect that look. There is two types of class eyelashes, the full set of lashes are more suitable if you want a fuller and thicker volume of your eyelashes while individual lashes are more suitable if you want to achieve a more natural look, below is a few tips to help you apply class eyelashes professionally and achieve your desired look so read on.

7- Make Sure Your Eyelid And Eyelashes Are Clean.

Before you do anything you must make sure that your eyelid and eyelashes are clean and free of any makeup or oils, to do that, wash your face with a proper face cleanser and then apply a small amount of toner on a piece of cotton, then wipe gently your eyelids then remove any excess oils with a dry piece of cotton.

6- Apply Your Eye Makeup.

Now that you made sure your eyelids are clean, apply your regular eye makeup, opt to apply a which line of eyeliner to cover the gab between your natural eyelashes lines and the fake eyelashes, after your eye makeup is applied, curl and coat your eyelashes with mascara in order to make them blend nicely with the fake eyelashes.

5- Pick Up Your Fake Eyelashes.

Now pick up your fake eyelashes from the box gently by the help of your tweezers, apply the lashes to your eyelid to make sure they are suitable for your eye shape, if the lashes are too long then trim them but keep in mind while trimming them to make them quit long at the outer corner of the eyes and try not to cut through them in one straight line, instead trim each lash by itself to give it a more natural look, if the lashes are too wide then just use small scissors to cut off a few hairs from one side, apply the lashes to your eyelids and check the size, trim again if necessary.

4- Apply The Glue To Your Fake Eyelashes.

Now use a toothpick a pin head or any similar fine object to apply the glue to your eyelashes, don’t squeeze put the glue directly from the tube, too much glue wear off faster, make sure to apply more glue from the corners as the lashes ten to tear out from the corners easily, after you apply the glue, give it 30 seconds until the glue is sticky enough.

3- Apply Your Fake Eyelashes.

Use your fingers and gently apply your fake eyelashes as near as you could to the base line of your natural eyelashes, use a sponge eye shadow applicator and press on the base line of your eyelashes for thirty seconds to two minutes to make sure they stick on your eyelid properly.

2- Apply Another Coat Of Mascara.

Now apply another thin coat of mascara then use your eyebrows brush and brush your lashes while they are still wet to blend the fake lashes with the natural ones nicely, if you found any gabs then try to cover them with liquid eyeliner or an eye pencil that you expose its tip to a fire flame for a few seconds.

1- Individual Eyelashes.

If you are applying individual eyelashes then use a small piece of foil paper and put a small amount of glue on it, use your tweezers to pick up your fake lashes and dip the tip of it in the glue, give it a chance to get sticky and then apply between your natural ones as close as you could to the roots, keep holding the lashes with your tweezers to your eyelid for one minute to allow it to adhere properly.

Tips On How To Easily Apply False Eyelashes Professionally

Seven Tips On How To Easily Apply False Eyelashes Professionally

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