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Seven Tips To Have Good Night Sleep Despite Stress

Nowadays the life is so full of work and study stresses that make a good night sleep feels like luxury. Stress can make you staying up all night thinking and worrying preventing you from having a good and relaxing good night sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to many consequences on your overall health, thus this condition of not having adequate sleep everyday need to be fixed, that’s why we prepared this list below that consist of seven tips for you to have a good night sleep despite stress.

7- Less Caffeine .

Different people respond differently to caffeine, but in general caffeine has a strong stimulating effect on your nerve system that make you stay awake for longer times and that can wreck your sleep quality over night. Herbal teas that contain a lesser amounts of caffeine can help you have high levels of energy during the day and have a co for table sleep over night.

6- Avoid Late Dinners.

If you want to reduce your energy levels to allow your body to relax and sleep then you should avoid late heavy dinners and make sure that there is at least four hours between your dinner and your sleep time. However you can have a herbal tea like anise or camomile tea to relax your body and enjoy more comfortable sleep. Make sure to avoid drinking too much water before going to bed so your sleep don’t get interrupted by many trips to toilet.

5- Fight Your Fear.

Many people experience fear of not being able to sleep at night and anxiety of not having adequate sleeps, which make them stay up to late hours or even all bight thinking about their fear of insomnia. However if you train your mind to fight that fear you will be able to fall into deep and comfortable sleep, you can get the help of a friend or a spouse if your problem is kind of sever.

4- Do Some Relaxing Activities.

Preparing for your sleep by some relaxing activities can help promote the quality of your sleep, For example practice some gentle yoga to clear your mind and shake off the tension of the day, open the windows and renew the air of your room, have a long warm bath while listening to slow calming music and get your room warm and comfortable all these preparations for sleep will ensure better sleep.

3- Exercise In The Morning.

Try to make it a daily habit to exercise everyday morning before you go to work or start your day, exercising will help you have higher energy levels throughout the day and get your body ready to sleep by night, when you exercise your body will require deep sleep to give a chance for your muscles to recover.

2- Read.

Something thinking about every single thing that happened during your day and planning for the next day can keep you up all night, reading give you a chance to escapes the reality and clear up your mind from all the stressful thoughts that interrupt your sleep.

1- Avoid Any Light.

Even a little bit of light can give signals to your brain during your sleep to pay attention which effect the quality of your sleep. Sleeping in complete darkness enhance the production of specific hormones in your body that helps your body to get satisfied with the sleep it just got and even promote the process of renewing your body cells which keep you young and healthy for longer.

Seven Tips To Have Good Night Sleep Despite Stress

Seven Tips To Have Good Night Sleep Despite Stress

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