Seven Things You Should Do Before Sleeping

The night time is your time to relax and through all the stress of the day behind your back, relaxing your mind and body at night time will guarantee you a day full of energy and optimism the next day, but before you sleep there are something you should do in order to clear your mind, to find out those things read the following.

1- Switch Off Your Fell Phone.

Although during the daytime, your cell phone plays an indispensable role in your life, but at night time it is only a source of disturbance, chatting, surfing or texting right before you sleep may chase your sleep away, therefore you must switch off your cell phone or at least put it on the silent mode so you can get some peace of mind.

2- Read A Book.

You don’t have to read a whole book but even just a few pages of your favorite book will help clear your mind of any other stresses of the day you maybe thinking about and that can cause you insomnia, it is the best way to escape from the serious thought and what you need to do the next day.

3- Listen To Music.

Soft and Soothing music is an universal way to treat insomnia, so what can be better than listening to some music in order to calm your nerves down and clear away your stress? Even if you put some music for ten or fifteen minutes and escape with your imaginations that will be sufficient to get you relaxed and ready to go into deep sleep.

4- Have A Light And Healthy Dinner.

Your body needs time to finish digesting the food you eat at night and burn the energy it got from the food, so make sure to eat your light and healthy dinner at least two or three hours before going to bed, this will ensure that when you are ready to sleep your whole body systems are also ready to relax, and that will ensure higher energy levels in the next morning.

5- Sleep In Complete Darkness.

It has been scientifically proven that sleeping in pitch black Darkness improve the quality of your sleep and that is because some hormones in the body get produced only during sleep in the darkness, so make sure you set a comfortable temperature in your bedroom and switch off all lights.

6- De-Clutter Your Mind.

Thinking about too many things or stressing about different things can keep you tossing in bed for long time before you can successfully fall into sleep, therefore it is important to De-Clutter your mind so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep, you can do that by practicing some breathing techniques.

7- Take A Hot Bath.

You can make this your daily ritual before going to bed, having a hot bath for five minutes or so will do you miracles to relax your nerves and get you ready to sleep, warm water have a very calming effect and you will sleep like a baby after a hit bath.

Things You Should Do Before SleepingThings You Should Do Before Sleeping

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