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Seven Summer Diet Tips

Although summer is a great season, heat can have its negative impact on you, From dehydration and exhaustion to poor appetite, you have to be taking your precautions in order to have a wonderful summer. Read on this article we will take through some of the most essential diet tips to follow in summer.

1- Increase Your Intake Of Water.

It is water that your body need not sodas or any other sweet drinks, excessive sweating due to high temperatures cause your body to loose too much liquids, hence it is important to make up the lost liquids by drinking adequate amounts of water. Water will also keep your skin elastic and protected against the sun heat during the hot season.

2- Limit Chilled Drinks.

Although this is almost the most thing you feel to consume during the summer, it doesn’t actually help reducing your body temperature and making you feel cool, drinking something super cold when your body is very hot will result in vessel constrictions, and reduce the heat dissipation from your body.

3- Avoid Hot Food.

When we say hot food we don’t mean warm meals, you can still enjoy your meals warm but avoid the foods that make your body feel hot or generate heat in the body, like onion, garlic, chilly, spinash, radish, pineapple, and mangoes, if you really can not imagine your summer without mangoes then make sure to soak them in cold water over night.

4- Limit Dry Fruits.

Dry fruits can be tasty snack, however the generate body heat and they are packed full with calories, so you need to limit your consumption of dry fruits during the summer season and increase your consumption of fresh fruits that are rich with water like water melon.

5- Eat Light Foods.

Fatty foods and over eating is the major cause of obesity, hypertension and all the consequences of that, specially during the summer, too much eating and consuming too much fatty food will increase your body temperature which is the opposite is what you are looking for.

6- Avoid Too Much Physical Activities.

Physical activities will increase your body temperature beside interfering the natural cooling mechanism of your body, practicing sports like swimming can be an interesting way to exercise during the summer, but if it is not possible for you to swim then make sure to exercise during the cool hours of the day in the early morning.

7- Avoid Sugary Food.

Foods that are high in sugar context boost the body temperature and decrease energy levels, opt to get your sugar intake from natural fruits and vegetable instead of refines sugars and honey.

 Summer Diet Tips

Seven Summer Diet Tips

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