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Seven Signs Addiction To Facebook Harm Your Health

Most of us won’t let one day pass without logging onto Facebook, but some people are really addicted, they spend most of their free time on it, although it is addictive and everybody agrees but spending too much time on it can potentially harm your health, imagine! There are many ways using Facebook for long times harm your health, listed below are some signs always associated with excessive usage of Facebook that prove it can be harmful for the health so read on.

– Signs Of Depression.

Mostly those who are addicted to Facebook forget the whole world around them and only focus to socializing online so in any chance they don’t get to log onto Facebook for any reason they start feeling empty and hollow from within like they don’t belong or there is something huge missing from their lives, that can effect your psychological state and create signs of depression.

– Eating Disorders.

Those who spend most of their time on Facebook daily are either too busy to eat or are overeating and not paying attention to the amount of food they are eating, both conditions can cause either weight loss or weight gain, plus people who are addicted to Facebook mainly don’t practice any physical activities, so they are not fit.

– Affect Your Relationships.

Some people would prefer to spend more time on Facebook than with their partners, which can negatively affect the relationship and create a big space between the husband and wife, that will also leave the children without getting enough attention from the parents.

– Decreased Concentration.

Spending too much time on Facebook makes everything else not important to you to a certain extent, so how you will focus for other things in the life, plus you will spend most of the time focusing for shallow and unnecessary things like the last updates and who uploaded a new picture, that is not training your mind or making your intelligence levels increase, that is making your brain lazy to think and just focused for simple things.

-Dry Eyes Syndrome.

Of course if you are staring at your laptop or your mobile screen the whole day you are more likely to cause your eyes harm, the most likely harm you will be causing your eyes is called dry eyes syndrome which can effect your vision and the well being of your eyes to a big extent.

– Cause Heart Problems.

If you are spending most of your time on Facebook you will not find enough time to exercise and get your body active, which leads to heart diseases specially if associated with bad and unbalanced diet, consequences of lake if physical activities include high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and many more

– Cause Anxiety.

Focusing all the time with what other people have achieved will make you jealous and envious, the thing that will make you get anxiety every time you see someone else have something your don’t have, plus drowning so much in the online socializing websites kind of take you away from the real world, so you can interact with normal people, the thing that will get you anxious every time you are with a group of people.

 Addiction To Facebook Harm Your Health

Seven Signs Addiction To Facebook Harm Your Health

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