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Seven Serious Health Conditions Sleep Deprivation Lead To

Sufficient sleep is one of the essential needs for the body, sleep deprivation or lake of sleep can cause fatigue, mood swings and lake of focus but lake of sleep on the long term can lead to a number of very serious health conditions , on this list we will inform you of Seven Serious Health Conditions Sleep Deprivation Lead To , note that excessive sleep can also cause health issues , the ideal duration of sleep your body needs a day is 7 to 9 hours of sleep .

7- High Blood Pressure .

One of the many serious health conditions lake of sleep lead to is high blood pressure , not getting sufficient sleep daily make you 20% more prone to develops high blood pressure, actually studies showed that if you skip sleep for even one night you will have a spiked blood pressure in the following day .

6- DNA Disruption .

Studies were made by University of Surrey, in England in 2013 conducted that lake of sleep have a negative effect on healthy genes that are responsible for metabolism, stress , immune system, circadian and more, the study also noticed that sleep deprivation led to stress, dysfunctional metabolism and low immunity .

5- Higher Risk Of Diabetes .

Lake of sleep was proven to lead to reducing the body sensitivity to insulin and as result developing type 2 diabetes, a study that was made by Chicago Medical Center on a group of young healthy adults who were deprived of sleep for three nights, the study showed that after the sleep deprivation the participants bodies couldn’t regulate blood sugar levels efficiently as they are expected to .

4- Increase Risks Of Cardiovascular Diseases .

Deprivation of sleep which is having 6 hours sleep or less every night increase your risks of heart diseases , not only that but the same study conducted after testing 475.000 individuals that sleep deprivation almost double your risks of dying by coronary heart diseases .

3- Increased Obesity .

Lake of sleep lead to dysfunction of your body’s metabolism and it increase food carvings which both are reasons for increased obesity and diabetes , studies showed that the less of sleep you get per high the more calories you will consume the following day .

2- Premature Skin Aging Signs .

Sleep is essential for your skin as well as the rest of your body organs, you won’t need creams, face masks and packs if you get a full night sleep daily and a balanced diet, sleeping poorly make you more susceptible for skin aging signs and it don’t give your skin a chance to completely recover from environmental conditions ( UV rays, free radicals) that harm your skin.

1- Increase Your Risks Of Stroke .

A study that was made by University of Alabama at Birmingham showed that embayed constantly busy adults who got less than 6 hours sleep at night increased their risks of strokes 4 times, a sufficient relax for the body is needed when it is severely stressed in order to allow its organs to function properly.

Health Conditions Sleep Deprivation Lead To

Seven Serious Health Conditions Sleep Deprivation Lead To

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