Seven Negative Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

The modern technology is interfering our daily lives to a huge extent, we almost rely 100 percent on modern technologies to accomplish any task, social media is a face of modern technology that found its way in almost everyone on earth’s life, which for sure have both positive and negative effects on us. On this list we will inform you of seven of the negative effects of social media on our lives.

7- Social Media Encourage For Drug And Alcohol Use.

A study that was made on a group of participants between the age of 12 to 17 to discover the relationship between teenagers, drug and alcohol usage and social media. The study concluded that those who interact with social media daily were 5 times more likely to use Tobago, and 4 times more likely to use alcohol and twice as likely to use drugs.

6- Social Media Lead To Multitasking.

Scientists found that our brains are unable to multitask and focus on more than one thing at the same time as believed, instead your brain keep switching back and forth from one task to the other which make it exhausted and contribute to lake of processing and retaining information, most of us while using social media we open too many taps and maybe even talk to more than one person at the same time which can have a serious effect on your memory on the long term.

5- Social Media Make You Unsatisfied About Your Life.

People usually idealize their image and life on socializing websites and don’t mention the rough part of their lives, which make you constantly comparing yourself to others maybe even feel lake of confidence or self esteem, which will make you unhappy and unsatisfied with your own life.

4- Social Media Makes Us Restless And Maybe Developed Phobias.

Those who spend most of their free time using social media get very restless once they lose the access to their social media websites or internet which make them sometimes freak out if the internet crashes or so. As a matter of fact some people already developed phobias of losing access to social media websites.

3- Social Media Give A Chance For Cyberbullying.

Cyperbullying is a wide concern that is rising because of social media websites, a recent study that was made showed that over 95% of teenagers who use social media on daily basis have already witnessed cyperbullying while 33% already experienced cyber bullying.

2- Social Media Isolate Us From The Real World.

Although it is believed that social media help you connecting and socializing, it is quit the opposite, social media isolate you from the real world and socializing with your real friends, you could be having a list of 5000 friends on Facebook you barely know only a few of them yet you believe you are really socializing.

1- Social Media Is Addiction.

Scientists discovered that regular people brains react to social media the same a drug addict person’s brain react to getting a dose of drugs. The brain produce endorphins while chatting with someone and speaking byabout yourself and what you are going through which make you look to do so frequently until to actually addict it

Negative Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

Seven Negative Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

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