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Seven Misconceptions About Women And Heart Diseases

Do you realize your risks of developing heart diseases? Perhaps you should consider starting to get acknowledged about your heart diseases risks specially if you have one or more risk factors that may lead to developing heart diseases such as obesity , hypertension , diabetes , inactive lifestyle , high cholesterol levels or smoking , get to know how you may be misinformed about your risks of heart diseases and increase your knowledge about the heath dangers heart diseases may lead to by reading on this article of Seven Misconceptions About Women And Heart Diseases .

7- More Canadian Women Are Threatened To Die From Breast Cancer Than Heart Diseases .

This is one of the widely believed myths but the truth is that Cardiovascular diseases ( heart attacks and strokes ) actually cause more deaths in Canadian women than breast cancer , heart diseases and strokes kill more than seven times more Canadian women than breast cancer .

6- Only Women On Menopause Get Affected By Heart Diseases .

This is another myth that unfortunately is believed but the truth is that women of all age groups can be at a risk of developing heart diseases due to certain conditions , However the myth have some truth about it , women in their menopause start showing more symptoms of heart diseases after the production of female hormones estrogen and progesterone reduce which makes the woman body more susceptible for high cholesterol levels and fat storage .

5- Symptoms Of Heart Attacks In Women Are Same Like In Men .

Basic symptoms of heart attack like pain in the chest, arms , jaws, shoulders or throat do occur in both women and men however other symptoms like fatigue and shortness of breath commonly occur in women 40% when compared to men 27% , other symptoms such as stress and insomnia are experienced by women specially old women than men .

4- You Cant Exercise If You Have A Heart Disease .

Women who are suffering from heart diseases have stronger reasons to exercise and adapt an active lifestyle as exercising can prevent your heart disease from getting any worse , However you should note before you hit the gym that you should get a permission from your doctor to exercise and find out what type of exercise are best for you .

3- Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Prevent Heart Diseases .

Recent researches revealed that if you are on menopause hormone replacement therapy show no affectivity in reducing your risks of developing heart diseases and they only relief menopausal symptoms , if you want to lower your risks of heart diseases then avoid smoking , exercise and eat a healthy diet and if you are diabetic or hypertensive then exercising , staying away from stress and eating healthy diets are your ideal options to reduce your risks of heart diseases .

2- You Sure Will Develop A Heart Disease If You Have family History Of Heart Diseases .

This fortunately turned out to be a myth , you can significantly reduce your risks of developing heart diseases by up to 82% if you follow a healthy life style of exercising , healthy diets and quitting smoking .

1- Birth Control Pills Don’t Increase The Risk Of Heart Diseases .

This is true to a certain extent but for a small percentage of women birth control pills can increase the risks of developing heart diseases , women who are over 40 and hypertensive or having blood clotting disorders can be threatened by birth control pills .

  Women And Heart Diseases

Seven Misconceptions About Women And Heart Diseases

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