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Seven Health Benefits Of Okra

Okra is a delicious small vegetable that can be cooked in many ways that are all enjoyable, it is rich with many health benefits that will improve your health and overall well being. Okra are originated in Africa but now they are cultivated around the world, in the article below you will discover why specialty okra is very notable for its many health benefits so read on.

1- Okra Is Very Rich With Dietary Fibers.

Okra is one of the richest vegetables with both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers that helps to inhibit the absorption of toxins and cholesterol which helps cleaning the body off of harmful toxins and reduce the risks of heart diseases, besides preventing constipation by helping to speed up and ease the movement of stool in the intestines, in addition to regulating the blood sugar and that is buy reducing the absorption of sugar in the intestines hence the sugar in the blood stream.

2- Helps Maintaining The Alkaline And Acids Balanced In The Body.

Okra is very alkaline which helps balancing the acids present in the digestive tract and that helps your overall health in many way such as preventing ulcers.

3- Okra Contain High Amounts Of Vitamin A And Antioxidants.

Okra is very rich with antioxidants such as beta carotene, lutien and xanthin which all work hand in hand with vitamin A to improve your vision and protect against cataracts, beside all the other health benefits of vitamin A which include repairing the skin.

4- Okra Is Rich With Vitamin B Complex.

Making sure to add okra to your regular diet will ensure you a healthy and strong nerve system and protect you from stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression, that is due to the high content of vitamin B complex in okra, beside protecting the fetus during pregnancy protected from nerves damage and birth defects.

5- Okra Is Rich With Vitamin C.

A serving of one cup of okra has 26.1 mg of vitamin C which is about 26% of our daily recommended intake of vitamin C, vitamin C is needed to strengthen the immune system, fight infections and diseases and it also contain antioxidants potent.

6- Okra Is Rich With Vitamin K.

Okra helps in keeping the bones, teeth and nails strong due to its content of vitamin K that is also significantly needed to prevent internal bleeding and produce clotting proteins.

7- Okra Helps You Lose Weight.

Okra contain only 35 calories per one cup serving and almost no salt or saturated fats or any cholesterol. Okra contain a high amount of dietary fibers which helps improving your digestive tract. In addition to its content of various vitamins and minerals that are needed for the week being of our bodies with only a few calories

Health Benefits Of Okra

Seven Health Benefits Of Okra

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