Seven Foods To Have Long Hair

Do you want lustrous long healthy hair? Well if the answer is yes then there are some foods that provide the internal nourishment that your hair need to grow long and maintain its healthiness, these foods are rich in the nutrients that the hair need the most to grow long, so by eating more of these foods you will be consuming enough of the nutrients that your hair need to grow, listed below are some of the most helpful and needed foods for long hair, so please read on if you are interested.

1- Sweet Potatoes.

One of the best foods to have long hair is sweet potatoes that is because it is loaded with vitamin A and beta carotene which are needed for healthy hair and healthy scalp, sweet potatoes don’t only promote the growth of your hair, but also prevent scalp related problems, include sweet potato in your diet to help your hair grow long and healthy.

2- Quinoa.

quinoa is another wonderful food to promote the growth of your hair, it is rich with zinc and vitamin E, zinc in its natural form as it present in quinoa help to keep the hair moist and shiny while vitamin E promote the strength of the hair, so it is essential to prevent problems like hair breakage and hair fall.

3- Almonds.

Almonds are loaded with an essential vitamin for the hair growth and healthiness which is biotin, providing your body with adequate levels of biotin will ensure healthy growth for the hair, you can get sufficient amounts of biotin by eating a handful of almonds daily.

4- Oysters.

Oysters is another ideal source of zinc, which as we mentioned above needed to promote the growth of the hair by producing androgen which in return help to prevent hair fall, oysters are also rich in protein, protein is one of the essentially needed substances for the growth and the well being of the hair.

5- Sunflower Seeds.

Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, vitamin E help to increase the blood flow to the scalp, the thing that speed up the growth of the hair while keeping it nourished deeply, you can either consume it in its natural form or include sunflower oil in your regular diet.

6- Egg Yolk.

Egg yolk is one of the most essential foods to eat if you want to have long and healthy hair, it is rich in both protein and biotin, which both are significant for the hair growth, egg yolk also contain some omega-3 fatty acids which improve the blood circulation in the body allowing more blood to flow to the scalp to nourish the hair.

7- Kidney Beans.

Kidney beans should be included in your diet at least once a week, it is rich in zinc, biotin, protein and iron, all of which are needed to nourish your hair and protect it from various hair and scalp problems, biotin and protein are needed for the overall nourishment of the hair while zinc is essential to prevent hair fall and iron improve the blood circulation.

Foods To Have Long Hair

Seven Foods To Have Long Hair

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