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Seven Essential Oils That Can Be Used As Perfumes

Essential oils are very fragrant and that is why they are used widely in the perfume industry , some essential oils have very pleasant smells that make them perfect for using as a perfume instead of the chemical perfumes that may contain harmful ingredients like phthalates that may interfere the production of your hormones , essential oils also have healing properties , so don’t you rather using an essential oil as a perfume instead of the harmful synthetic fragrances? Below we will present to you a list of Seven Essential Oils That Can Be Used As Perfumes and the also have many health benefits .

7- Jasmine Essential Oil .

Jasmine essential oil is one of the best essential oils that can be used as a perfume , it could be a bit costly , but it will be great for a special occasion , jasmine essential oil will help you reduce your anxiety and stress so it is great to boost your mood when you are not feeling so happy .

6- Rose Essential Oil .

Rose essential oil is another ideal essential oil that can be used as a wonderful perfume to make you smell sweet and fresh , it could be a bit strong though , so you need to be careful with the amount you use , one drop of it is enough to make you smelling fresh throughout the day .

5- Patchouli Essential Oil .

Patchouli essential oil has a soothing earthy fragrance that smells so sweet and calming , many people often associate it with the hippies of the 1960’s , the smell of patchouli essential oils can work for both genders perfectly .

4- Ylang Ylang Essential Oil .

Ylang Ylang essential oil is extracted from the Ylang Ylang flower that has a floral calming smell , its delightful smell will make you feel more harmonious and calm .

3- Vetiver Essential Oil .

Vetiver essential oil has a woody and earthy smell that will be suitable for you if you want a soft calm smell , it is made of the vetiver roots and it can help you if you are suffering from insomnia and anxiety .

2- Orange Essential Oil .

Orange essential oil has a refreshing citrus smell that can boost your mood whenever you wear it , but be careful not to wear it directly on your skin because it could be a bit irritating specially for sensitive skins .

1- Vanilla Essential Oil .

Vanilla essential oil is widely used in many perfumes and body sprays , if you like the sweet fragrances of vanilla or your usual perfume smells of vanilla then vanilla essential oil will be ideal for you .

Seven Essential Oils That Can Be Used As Perfumes

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