3 Seemingly Simple Skin Problems You Should Not Ignore

Whether you care about having a perfect skin or don’t put skin care as a priority, you must not ignore any apparent problems on your skin. This largest organ surrounding your body does not only protect you from the harms of the environment, it can also tell you about internal problems. Check out the significance of the following seemingly simple skin problems:

1. Chapped Lips

Chapped, dry lips may be seen as a simple problem that can be solved with some lip balm. However, this condition could signify a bigger problem such as vitamin B deficiency. The lack of vitamin B hinders the formation of red blood cells and can result in anemia. Eating leafy greens, eggs, beans and fish can provide you with more vitamins B.

2. Rash on Elbows, Knees or Back

A rash or itchiness on these spots can mean celiac disease, a condition caused by an immune response to gluten consumption. Celiac disease must be treated because it can cause anemia or osteoporosis along with annoying symptoms like bloating and gas. If you doubt having some kind of gluten intolerance, ask your doctor to give you a blood test. Once treated from celiac disease, the rash should start fading on its own.

3. Yellowish Skin

Having skin discoloration that tends to be yellowish should not be ignored at all because it could be the only sign to gallstones. Other symptoms of gallstones include abdominal and back pain that aggravate upon eating. Causes of gallstone production include high cholesterol levels in the blood and improper emptying of bile from the gallbladder. Removal of stones can be helped by taking medications that facilitate their passing; otherwise, a surgery would be needed.

If you experience any of the above without knowing the reason, check with your doctor immediately to get required help.
Simple Skin Problems You Should Not Ignore

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