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– They have accepted their flaws and come to terms with who they are. Happy people realize it is all a part of what makes them special; they know there is no such thing as perfection, and thus they have stopped chasing it.

– They avoid stressful situations and move away as quickly as possible. Whether it is through a creative outlet, meditation or getting away, genuinely happy people avoid stress in their lives. Their strategy is to concentrate on things that truly matter and stop little stresses from turning into something bigger and more serious.

– They adopt healthy living and exercise because it makes them feel better, not just to look good. They like doing things that release naturally happy chemicals from within. Whether they exercise at the gym or run outdoors, happy persons appreciate the benefits of those great endorphins.

– They do not attach their self- worth to external things because they know they are enough. Happy people have learnt that no one thing can make them feel fulfilled or make them happy. In the past, they may have chased things they thought would make them better, and they may have battled with their self- worth. Now, they know they are perfect the way they are, and in relationships they have the attitude of “take me as I am”.

– They do not like to be judged and they have no need to judge others. They know it is unnecessary and time consuming to worry about what others are doing or not doing; this gives the judging person a false sense of superiority.

– They know how to refocus, so they can approach a difficult problem with fresh eyes. You can get a new perspective with refocusing, and thus comes a new solution.


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