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As happiness is a choice, you can make the choice to be happy every day. Happy people face challenges just like anyone else, but they constantly challenge themselves to live the happy life they know they deserve.

You do not need to be told that life is not all roses and it often brings you down, but during these moments genuinely happy people work on getting happy. They look like they have it all together because they discovered the secrets of true happiness that lie within them. You must be wondering why they are

happy all the time and here are the reasons:

– They embrace the sadness and tears and allow themselves to just be. To be honest, no one is happy all the time; we feel the beauty of the ups through the bitterness of the downs. Genuinely happy people know that and give themselves permission to feel down or sad.

– They exercise their right to say no, which does not come easy for some people, especially if you love to make others happy. Happy people know that trying to please people all the time is a sure way to anxiety and stress. Instead, they say no, when they need to, in an assertive manner that does not take away neither their happiness nor their relationships.

– They have been knocked down several times, but they get up each time, refusing to stay down. They learned the meaning of true happiness through the strength they mustered to get back up and keep fighting. You are truly winning, if you manage to get through the difficult times in your life with a smile on your face.

– They consider hitting the bottom just an opportunity to start afresh. For most of us, hitting the bottom after great success is the end, but genuinely happy people see it a chance to build a stronger and better foundation.


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