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The secrets of Eastern Women’s beauty

The women of the east are famous for their perfect beauty which is natural. Many beauty tips nowadays have begun in the east. They differ from the West as they have a wide range of skincare stages and hair care customs. Here are some of these customs for oriental beauty.

– Mung Bean face mask has been used by the Chinese rulers to treat skin inflammation. You can make mung bean mask by mixing mung bean powder with a small amount of yoghurt.

– Rice water is used as a toner for keeping skin smooth. Just leave some rice, without washing it previously, in some water until the water starts to look milky. Use a peice cotton or wool to apply the water to your face. To preserve the rice water for four days put it in a refrigerator.

– Asian women use oil as a facial cleanser. Natural oils are not harmful to the skin. They remove cosmetics and dirt without drying the skin.

– The eastern women don’t use 2- in- 1 beauty products. They have daily routine which consists of a wide range of steps without skipping anything.

– One of the Eastern women’s beauty customs is brushing their skins. They use a dry brush to keep their skin conditioned. Also, the brushing tops creams and serums in their effect.

– Eastern women always sleep around 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. They believe that in these hours the liver discharges poisons from the body. Furthermore, keeping a daily routine in sleeping is very healthy

– Camellia nut oil is used by Asian women. It is used as a skin and hair medication. It is believed to help hair growth.

– They use original facial masks no less than each other week. They make these masks from kimono silk soaked in the essence of special flowers and herbs.

– One of their beauty rituals is having a massage. They believe a lot in the force of reflexology.

– They always tend to use natural elements and ingredients. Asian beauty products don’t contain many chemicals.

secrets of Eastern Women’s beauty

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