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The secrets of the beauty of Ancient Egyptian women

It has always been a known fact that ancient Egyptians, women and men, took care of their beauty and used cosmetics. They used a wide range of natural elements which came from their country and from far away. Some of their thoughts are still being used nowadays. The beauty of Egyptian ladies was famous all around the globe.

– One of the beauty secrets of ancient Egyptian women is milk showers. It is said that one of Cleopatra’s most loved medicines was taking a shower in milk. The milk bath makes the skin soft.

– The Ancient Egyptians have been using red ochre as a lipstick and to give their cheeks reddish shades.

– They used natural masks for their skin. One of these masks is fenugreek seeds mask. This mask softens the skin and cures it.

– They used sugaring for removing body hair. They warmed sugar in water to make a paste and then used it to remove hair. It differs from waxing as it is less painful.

– They believed in the advantages of avocado. The ancient ladies used to blend avocado to make a mask and then apply it on their skin. In addition, slices of avocado were applied on the eyes to lessen puffing and make the skin soft.

– The Ancient Egyptians used almond oil as a body lotion after a shower. It helps to soften and relax the skin. Also, it contains anti- ageing elements.

– Egyptian ladies up till now are using henna to dye their hair and nails. It makes the nails more strong and gives yellow and orange colors.

– The Egyptian ladies used natural soaps made from natural oils, clay and animal fats. As these soaps didn’t have good smell, they used to add fragrant substances to them like frankincense and myrrh.

 secrets of the beauty of Ancient Egyptian women

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