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The Scientific Reason Why You Toss And Turn A Lot In A New Bed

Whether you are sleeping over a friend’s house, vacationing or just bunking in a hotel, there is always something about sleeping in a strange bed and new room that makes sleeping quit difficult and science explains the link.

Researchers from Brown University recently done a study on 35 healthy participants to monitor why sleeping in a strange bed or new room keeps you tossing and turning all night long and the reason was the same reason scientists usually exclude the result of the first night participants sleep in the lap.

In the study that was published by Journal Current Biology, researchers monitored the behavior of brain waves of the participants sleeping in a new bed or new room, the two brain hemispheres acted quit differently.

The left one gave signs of wakefulness and alertness while the right one gave signals of sleep. It is the left side of the brain that acted as a night watch guard which leaded to unsatisfying snooze session.

When the environment is new to you, your brain remains alert to learn more about the environment, it is a natural mechanism that keeps you protected and alert to the surrounding in order to detect anything unusual.

It is a behavior that is often observed in large animals, the left side of the brain remains observant and vigilant to the surrounding while the right side sleeps, that imbalance is what causes you to be tired and sleepy the following day unlike a restful night at home.

That is good new now for you all homebodies, it can be used as a solid excuse to head back to your home.

Scientific Reason Why You Toss And Turn A Lot In A New Bed

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