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Salvage Your Mobile Phone after Falling in Water in 8 Steps

Mobile phones are now one of the necessities of life, just like food, air and water. They help us do many things more easily and effectively. However, they have a flaw just like everything else, and that flaw is that they are a type of electronics. Electronics hate water, but since we have our mobile phones around us all the time they often get water spilled on them, and it is the number one reason why they get ruined. Here is how to deal with that:

1- First of all, turn your phone off immediately. Do not turn it on and see if it is still working because you might cause a short circuit that can damage your phone.

2- Do not shake your phone or move it roughly. This will make water spread inside your phone. If you need to move it, do that as gently and carefully as possible.

3- Dry your phone from the outside as gently and carefully as possible with a paper towel.

4- Remove the covers and shells from your phone. Then remove the battery and SIM card. Dry them all carefully with more paper towels.

5- DO not rush the process of drying out your phone. Do not put it in front of a heater or an oven, or inside a microwave. Do not blow dry it.

6- Maybe you think that you have dried out your phone but it is not completely dry yet. Fill a bowl with a moisture absorbing grain such as rice. Then put the phone inside the grain heap. Be generous with the rice and cover your phone from all sides.

7- Leave your phone for 6 to 8 hours inside the drying heap.

8- Clean the rice starch and remains of your phone with a clean dry makeup brush. Put the parts back together and try to turn it on.

This method might work if water just spilled on the phone or if it has fallen in water for a second or two. It might not work though if you left your phone soaking in the water for too long.

Salvage Your Mobile Phone after Falling in Water in 8 Steps

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