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Get Rid of Throat Phlegm with These 12 Natural Ways

Decongesting your throat from annoying phlegm can be a trouble if you don’t have the proper medication and can’t go out soon to get any. The solution to this dilemma is simple, follow the next medication-free advices to reduce, loosen and perhaps lose phlegm in your throat as a whole.

12. Expose Yourself to Steam
Boil water and inhale its steam from a safe distance so you don’t burn your face, or take a hot shower so you can breathe in the water vapor. The heat of the steam or the vapor will help in loosening the phlegm. It is also useful to use a vaporizer if the humidity in your environment is low.

11. Don’t Smoke
You should quit smoking at anytime, but you should specially stop smoking when you suffer from phlegm. When you smoke, the vocal chords become dry and the body reacts by producing extra phlegm to compensate for the lost moisture. In case you are desperate for nicotine, use nicotine patches until your throat becomes better.

10. Eat Something Spicy
Spicy foods such as wasabi, pepper and horseradish work as decongestants which can contribute to the loosening of the troubling phlegm. You might have noticed how eating spicy food causes your nose to run continuously because of this property.

9. Gargle Salt Water
Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, then put the solution in your mouth and tilt your head back and start to gargle.

8. Stay Away from Dairy Products
Dairy products do not encourage the production of excess mucus in the phlegm. However, the fat content of dairy may thicken the mucus of some people.

7. Drink Cider Vinegar
This is not the most delicious remedy but it is quite effective. All you need is to swallow one tea spoon of the vinegar as fast as possible and wait for 5-10 seconds before drinking water to lose the taste.

6. Eat Toast
Did you notice how toast slightly resembles sponge? Since you can’t swallow sponge to scrape the phlegm of your throat, you can eat toast which can help in breaking phlegm and taking it away to your stomach to deal with it.

5. Hum
Some people find it relieving to hum because humming hypothetically causes vibrations in the throat and break down its phlegm.

4. Avoid Hazardous Chemicals and Fumes
Exposure to hazardous chemical substances like cleaning agents and paint harms the respiratory system and so worsens phlegm. Use an air purifier to help you breathe clean air.

3. Sip Warm Liquids
Warm liquids such as chicken soup and tea are usually full of nutrients that will speed up your healing process. Moreover, the heat from these liquids would break up the mucus that congests your throat.

2. Drink a Lot of Water
The excessive production of phlegm in your body might indicate that your immune system is functioning hard to fight off your illness. Help your body systems function well and replenish its lost fluids by drinking plenty of water.

1. Drink Warm Lemon Water and Honey
Squeeze lemons to make two teaspoons and add them to warm water and sweeten the mixture with a tablespoon of honey. The honey will help by soothing your throat while the acidity of the lemon will break up the mucus of the phlegm. You can find lemon tea available at the market instead of squeezing lemons.

Extra Tip: Whenever you have a chance to spit or swallow phlegm, it is recommended it to spit it. You can carry tissues with you to spit out the phlegm without anyone noticing.

Get Rid of Throat Phlegm with These 12 Natural Ways

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