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Get rid of excess weight with coffee diet

Coffee is considered an essential element for many people, as it become a daily habit which is not easy to abandon. However, we can get benefits from this habit and that by using it as a way of dieting which helps greatly to get a slim body. We should drink coffee to lose weight in a moderate way without excessive consumption.

Drinking coffee increases the human’s ability to do physical exercises at a rate of 30 percent from the normal rate. As coffee contains a small amount of caffeine, it can stimulate the muscles of the body to burn fat. There are many diet recipes that include coffee in it as a basic ingredient.

1) Coffee Chaff: Add a tablespoon of ground cumin into a bowl of water that contains the husks of coffee beans inside. Then, add a little sage, green tea, and chamomile. After that, boil the container on the stove. Leave it to cool down and then you can drink one cup of it every meal.

2) Yemeni coffee Chaff: Add coffee Chaff to sage, fresh ginger and some water. Then boil them on the stove and leave to cool down after that. Drink it before any meal by 15 minutes.
General principles of coffee diet:

– Do not add coffee whiteners or sugar because they help to increase the appetite and build fat.

– Do not drink too much of coffee especially in daylight hours because they cause insomnia and thus cause obesity.

– You can drink one cup of coffee after dinner.

– Try to drink coffee one hour before exercising as it stimulates the muscles and increases body activity.

Get rid of excess weight with coffee diet

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