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Get Rid of Dragon Breath Now with These 4 Effective Tecniques

Having dragon breath is a very embarrassing problem. It makes the person who suffers from it very annoyed and embarrassed when he deals with other people. Sometimes, it needs a dentist if there are cavities in your teeth. However, there are simple ways to improve your breath.

*Chewing sugar- free gum will help to flush the bacteria away as it will help your mouth to release saliva. Moreover, you will be able to get rid of food particles from your mouth which may be responsible for bad breath. But, do not chew gum all the day in order to avoid causing problems for your jaw muscles.

*Eating yoghurt is a very effective treatment for bad breath. There is a study that says that eating yoghurt daily may help to reduce the levels of hydrogen sulphide being created in your mouth which causes bad breath. Moreover, yoghurt will help to reduce plaque and bacteria as well as fighting gum diseases.

*In order to remove any trapped food from between your teeth and to rub off the bacteria that might be accumulated on them, it’s advisable to eat crunchy foods. For examples, raw carrots, celery and apples will be of much help. You may also drink green tea or black tea as they work to kill off those bacteria which are responsible for bad breath.

*You should quit smoking for its bad effects on you. One of these bad effects is that smoking causes bad breath as it dries up your mouth and interferes with the production of salvia.

Therefore, you will have the bad smell of tobacco which causes smoky breath and also it will help the bacteria to breed more quickly causing the smell of hydrogen sulphide.

Get Rid of Dragon Breath Now with These 4 Effective Tecniques

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