Get Rid Of Ants Permanently With This Natural Trick

Who likes to see a trial of ants roaming around in the kitchen or around the house? If you are tired of the ants in your house but still you don’t like to spray bug repellants because of their strong odor or loads of harmful chemicals contained then try this trick.
The secret ingredient that will rid your house of ants safely is Borax, it is a natural mineral that is present in most bug sprays.
You will need to mix two large tablespoons of Borax powder with a cup of warm water and half a cup of sugar.

After you mix the ingredients together properly, soak some cotton balls in the solution and leave them where ants seem to trail along or live.
The next morning you will be surprised to see the ants bodies piled up near the cotton balls.
To ensure no return for the ants, repeat this process once a week for two months, in case the ants left eggs unhatched.

– Here Are Some Other Natural Ways To Keep Ants Away From Your Home.

Chalk, you can use chalk to naturally replants from your home by drawing a thick line with the chalk around the area where ants come, they wont cross the chalk line into your home.

Lemon Juice, fill a spray bottle with equal amounts of lemon juice and water and spray the entrances of your house everyday, the strong citrus aroma will repel ants.

Vinegar, same like lemon juice, when you spray your house with vinegar, ants wont come near because they hate the smell of vinegar, if you already have ants in your house, spray their houses with vinegar mixed with water everyday and they will run away.

Cinnamon, if you want to make your house smell nice and at the same time repel ants naturally, use cinnamon the same way as chalk to surround the exits and entrances of your house.

Essential Oils, ants hate essential oils and specially the strong ones so you can use this trick to keep your house clear of ants, just mix ten drops of any essential oil of your choice with 250 ml of water and spray around your house.
You can use lavender oil, lemon oil, cedar oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil.
Avoid eucalyptus oil if you have cats because it is slightly toxic for them.

Get Rid Of Ants Permanently With This Natural Trick

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