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Five Richest Protein Options For Vegetarians

Protein is very important for the building of the muscles, women need about 46 grams of protein and men 56 grams daily, protein can be found in a variety of foods like eggs, poultry and legumes, however there’s a common misconception that vegetarians and vegans are missing out a big deal on protein, but this is false because there are many plant based foods that provide as much protein as meat does with even an extra advantage, which is skipping on the high fat content found in meat. Here’s a list of the highest foods in protein for vegetarians.

1- Quinoa.

Quinoa is originally cultivated in Bolivian and Peru and it has been the stable food in there for centuries, quinoa is a rich source of protein as 185 grams of it contain 8.14 grams of protein, it can also be cooked in several ways which makes it an appealing delicious plant-based protein rich substitute for meat.

2- Tempeh.

It is fermented and provides an equal amount of protein as meat, it is soy based and better than any other processed food like tofu, a cup of Tempeh provide 15 grams of protein, and because it is soy based, Tempeh contains fiber which aids digestions and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

3- Almond.

Only a handful of almond is enough to provide your body with its daily needs of protein, you can also use the butter made out of almond, it is less toxic and can be a substitute for regular butter or peanut butter, almond oil can be used in cooking as well although you may lose some of the protein in the cooking process.

4- Beans and Lentils.

Only one cup of lentils provide more protein than three ounces of meat, you can either soak them in water and eat them raw, they taste a bit nutty or you can cook them. Beans also and almost any type of beans are very rich in protein and fiber, you can cook them and incorporate them in your meals or use beans as substitute to meat in some recipes like vegetarian burger.

5- Eggs and Yogurt.

Eggs and Yogurt are not vegan but definitely vegetarian, dairy products are good source of protein, but make sure to choose plain yogurt as flavored one is more processed. Eggs too can provide you with the needed protein for your body, eat an egg or two a day to get your daily dosage of protein.

Five Richest Protein Options For Vegetarians

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