8 Revealing Details about Liposuction You Should Know

With the spread of cosmetic surgery, more and more people are willing to go under the knife for a beauty makeover. In this article, we are going to highlight a popularly sought cosmetic surgery, liposuction, to help you decide whether it is worth a shot or not. You need to know that liposuction is not a magic wand that will give you a perfect body shape instantly without any side effects and here is why:

8. Swelling and Bruising Are Expected Post-Surgery

As all surgeries, liposuction would cause bruising and swelling. Bruising can be reduced by taking arnica for about four days before the operation then treating with bromelain after the surgery. Applying ice would be inefficient because the bruise might cover a large area. Swelling can be reduced by relaxing as much as you can before returning to your normal daily activities.

7. Little Pain Can Be Experienced After Suction

Individuals who had liposuction describe different degrees of pain that they experienced post-op. Some describe it as excruciating while others state that wasn’t as painful as they expected. The pain results from the separation of the skin from the muscles that occurs with the removal of fat. Some patients say that they feel pain similar to sore muscles after an extensive workout. The feeling tends to fade away in about two weeks after the surgery.

6. Cellulite Would Look Worse After Liposuction

Since the filling under the skin is removed with liposuction, the skin becomes looser and cellulite looks worse than before. Hence, expect to enjoy a slim shape with your clothes on but a not so good looking skin underneath your garments.

5. Liposuction Requires a Professional Doctor

Getting the best results out of liposuction requires some research from your side. First of all, you need to make sure that the doctor you are going to choose is specialized in this area and does not do this operation beside his job as a general doctor or pediatrician. After that, you need to ask for the duration this doctor has been performing liposuction and ask him/her for three references.

4. Patients Should Wear a Compression Garment for Months

Faster recovery from liposuction requires that a person wears a compression garment. A patient should wear the garment 24 hours daily for the first four weeks after surgery, and then the garment should be worn at night only during the following eight weeks. It is recommended to have two compression garments so you can wash one while wearing the other.

3. It Takes 3 Months for Final Results to Appear

After liposuction the body needs three months before taking a definite shape with the least amount of swelling. It is preferable that you wait for these three months to finish before buying new clothes to make sure that your body will not change anymore.

2. You Can Put On Weight after Liposuction

The swelling that comes after the surgery can make you gain weight that you didn’t have before the surgery. However, knowing that liposuction is concerned with shaping your body rather than making you lose weight can be comforting.

1. Liposuction Doesn’t Give You a Fit Body Quickly

If you only want to get rid of extra weight, the best permanent solution lies in following a healthy lifestyle that involves a balanced diet and exercise. Liposuction is not a way out for lazy people because it is time and money consuming; and it requires following the surgery with healthy habits to maintain a fit body shape. You can’t exercise extensively right after surgery, but you need to get your body moving by walking slowly for a start. Staying hydrated is also essential to speed up the healing process.

Revealing Details about Liposuction You Should Know

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