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The Responsible Hormones For Obesity In Women

Have you been trying your best to lose weight but all your efforts are going in vain or not gaining the result that you expected? The reason for that could be blamed on your hormones, many studies proven that hormonal imbalances could cause obesity so why don’t you go and examine your hormonal levels and make sure they are at the correct rate? To increase your awareness we brought you this article where we are going to reveal to you which hormones are more responsible in obesity and why so read on.

1- Thyroid Problems.
If you are suffering from deficiencies in the activity of your thyroid then that could be the reason for your obesity, the most common symptoms for this case in women include fatigue, stress and anger, constipation, dry skin and of course weight gain.

2- Estrogen.
At the time of pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause the levels of estrogen drop significantly which leads to weight gain and the formation of new fat cells specially around the belly area.

3- Progesterone.
During menopause the levels of Progesterone too drop significantly in the woman’s body but indeed the decrease of this hormone doesn’t really lead to weight gain but bloating and water retention which eventually make you feel heavier.

4- Testosterone .
Many women suffer from a medical situation called Polycystic Ovarian which cause an increase in the male sex hormone testosterone in the woman’s body and in return cause a weight gain.

5- Insulin.
Insulin is a hormone produced by the beta cells in the pancreas and in turn they are responsible for the regulation of fat and carbohydrates in the body, therefore high levels of insuline lead to weight gain.

The Responsible Hormones For Obesity In Women

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