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We all have our own challenges related to the way we interact with the world around us. Many good people mess up intimate relationships because of their mistakes, which they are not aware of. You know how it feels when you are centered and on top of your game, you stand firm and unwavering in the face of resistance, you say what you mean and you mean what you say – it sounds great.

Well, women crave that more than you do; she feels protected and safe knowing that you have what it takes to be her rock.

Every time you act fearful, indecisive and uncertain, you break that connection and make her repulsed and untrusting. This is huge; it can make you or break you. Most men do not understand women; while masculine energy navigates by making sense and logic, feminine types navigates by emotion, which is natural due to their body chemistry.

When you see her emotions as a welcome diversion that brings you the best things in life like fun, excitement and passion, you will see that your world would become better every day.

Think of it this way: the masculine experience is in a way like a coloring book drawing with bold outlines lacking in depth or color of any kind. The feminine energy brings all the colors to make your life more vibrant and brighter.

Feminine energy is all about flow, and a smart man does not try to hold back the flow, instead he knows how to channel it. Sometimes, it is a perfectly beautiful day, and the next thing the skies get dark and clouds appear. The good news is the sun comes back and life is beautiful again. You should realize there is no happiness without grief or black without white, so do not be scared of her.


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