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Regular Daily Habits That Destroy Your Posture And Harm Your Spine

From drinking soda regularly to leaning all your weight on one leg, there are daily habits that won’t only make you look old or suffer from aches all day, but they can physically harm your spine, hurt your posture and let you suffer of chronic pain for the rest of your life.
Here’s a list of the everyday habits that could hurt your spine at the long term.

1- Looking Down At Your Phone.

Spending long hours looking down at your phone or on a desk is one of the habits that can set you for chronic shoulders and upper back pain, according to studies, each 1 inch your head is slumber forward adds an extra 10 pound of unnecessary weight on your spine. If you have to be looking down for long periods of time at work or just in your daily life, make sure you do some yoga, neck and upper back stretches for ten minutes divided on two five minutes session a day.

2- Sitting Long Periods Of Time.

One of the most common things that cause damage to the spine, sitting long periods of time at your work can weaken your muscles, curve your spine and increase the risk for hip flexors (causing leg and hips pain). Instead sit up straight, make sure to make back stretches and take frequent walking breaks to improve circulation.

3- Driving Too Long.

Being hunched over the steering wheel for long hours every day can cause the upper part of the spine to curve forward, besides the stress of being always alert in traffic that would hurt your muscles as well as your back joints.
Instead avoid long drives, walk or bike to work if possible and if you have to drive, make sure you sit closer to the wheel in a straight posture.

4- Stress.

Stress has to many negatives effects on the health and body in general, and especially the muscles and joints, carrying emotional stress or not realizing enough can lead to muscles tension that cause pain and can even lead to chronic pain in the neck and shoulders.
Avoid this by having adequate relax time a day and avoiding stress as possible.

5- Carrying a Heavy Purse.

Carrying heavy purses can lead to shoulders and neck pain, it can also lead to an altered spine, your bag shouldn’t weight more than 10% of your total body weight, and make sure it’s not pressing on nerves in your shoulder and don’t let it swing while walking.

6- You Are Wearing The Wrong Shoes.

High heels do look sexy but they increase the risk of foot injuries and falls as well as flip flops, not only your feet that will damage from high heels but also your spine, you have to arch your back to balance with high heels, wearing high heels for long time can also lead to shortening in your calf muscle.
You can still enjoy those sexy shoes but on short event like a dinner party or so, but if you need to make a long walk or long stand then choose something that’s more comfortable.

Regular Daily Habits That Destroy Your Posture And Harm Your Spine

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