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Actually, a controlling personality belongs to someone who has deeper issues like sociopathic tendencies, sheer stubbornness or narcissism. Those who try to control other people are neither respectful nor nice; they are immature and self- centered.

They would hold you back from leading an independent and fulfilling life, if you are in close proximity to them. Here, we try to help you recognize a controlling person in order to spare you getting entangled with that person and to respond accordingly.

Do you have any relationship in which you feel bossed around, distressed, suffocated or fed up for being told what to do all the time? Do you know someone whom you feel you have to be super careful to not anger? If you are familiar with these situations, then you more likely deal with a controlling person.

Someone with a forceful personality is not necessarily a controlling person; the question is “Does this person allow you to be yourself or unduly influence your behavior?” when someone tells you what to do, feel, wear and think, i.e. not committed to boundary issues, then that person is being controlling.

If you grew up with a controlling parent, there is a good chance that you are a controlling person, but do not feel too bad because it feels normal to treat others the way you were treated. If you noticed you crossed someone’s boundaries, apologize to the person and work to break the pattern in yourself to save healthier relationships in your life.

Those with moody personality tend to contemplate the injustices that have happened to them and seek to improve their situation and remedy their pain by controlling others. Moody people also tend to cast a pall of gloom amidst a moment of happiness. So, you can say moodiness is a key signal of the controlling personality.

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