Eight Recipes For The Healthiest Juices

Healthy juices don’t only help to keep you healthy, but also help to keep your weight in control, juices provide the body with various nutrients, you can count on them as an easy, healthy and enjoyable Snack along with your work out regime and diet, you can combine fruits or vegetables in your healthy juices, if you don’t like eating fruits and vegetables, juices is the best way to still have all the benefit your body need, the following are some recipes for super healthy juices you can try right away so read on.

1- Apple, Carrot And Celery Juice.

Take two carrots, two apples and two Celery sticks with the juice of one big lemon, peel the carrots properly and cut them in small pieces, core the apples and peel if you wish, however juicing the peel of the apples will add extra benefit, now blend all together the carrots, apples, Celery and lemon, pour the juice in a glass and add ice then enjoy.

2- Beetroot, Celery, Carrots, Apple And Cucumber juice.

Take half a beetroot uncooked, one celery, one apple , two carrots and half a cucumber, peel the beetroot, peel the apples and carrots and make sure all the ingredients are washed properly and blend them with a spoon of honey, add ice and enjoy all the super health benefits.

3- Grapefruit And Orange Juice.

This juice is best drunk first thing in the morning as it has the ability to boost your metabolism and burn belly fat, mix the juice of three oranges with one grapefruit and enjoy it, you can add a little ginger for extra flavor and benefit for the juice, ginger will help to burn fat as well.

4- Vegetable Juice.

This juice is super healthy and very rich with many nutrients that will rejuvenate your body and well nourish it, juice two carrots with two celery, one beet, one handful of spinach, half an onion, three gloves of garlic, a handful of parsley, half a cabbage, turnip, and kale leaves, add salt or some spices and ginger if you wish, this juice may not taste amazing, but it has a miraculous effect on your body.

5- Carrot And Beet Juice.

Blend four peeled and washed carrots with half a peeled and half boiled beet with two leaves of lettuce and lemon juice, blend all together and enjoy the goodness of the juice, the beet and Carrot will add a natural sweet taste that will make this juice your favorite.

6- Papaya, Apple And Dates.

This juice will give you enough energy for the whole day, it is sweet, nutritious and very filling, you can have it for breakfast, take one papaya, one cored Apple with 7 dates and blend them, all fruits are very sweet and the juice will have a nice consistency.

7- Orange, Strawberry, Banana and Grapefruit Juice.

Take the juice of one orange with with Grapefruit and add it into your blender, now add a banana and some strawberries there with some ice and blend, this juice is very rich with Antioxidants that will work miracles to repair you damaged skin cells.

8- Melon Juice.

All melons are rich with Antioxidants and they are very nutritious, mix one cup of cupped watermelon with one cup of chopped cantaloupe, and one cup of chopped honeydew melon and blend all that with some leaves of peppermint, this juice will be perfect for hot summer days.

Recipes For The Healthiest Juices

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