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Eight Reasons Why You Should Eat More Olives

Olive oil is perhaps one of the most recommended oils around the world, that is due to its taste and goodness beside all the health benefits it provide the body with internally and externally, however, what is even more nutritious than olive oil is the source which is olives, olives are a wonderful source of many nutrients and goodness and they must be included in your daily diet, if you are not quit sure why you need to include olives in your diet, this article is brought to you, the following are the top reasons why you should eat olives more regularly.

1- Control Weight Gain And Help Losing Weight.

Olives are one of the most helpful foods you can eat to control weight gain and lose weight safely and healthy, they contain monounsaturated fats that is known to increase the cells sensitivity to insulin and burn down belly fat, consuming a generous amount of olives a day mean that you are consuming alot of serotonin which was proven to curb the appetite and hunger.

2- Reduce Risks Of Cancer.

Olives and specially black olives are rich with vitamin E which neutralize free radicals preventing the cellural damage that they cause, the damage of free radicals on the body cells may lead to the formation of cancer cells and specially colon cancer.

3- Good Source Of Iron.

Again black olive is a rich source of Iron which is needed so the body perform its tasks properly, the red blood cells carry oxygen to the body cells and tissues and with iron deficiency the body cells won’t be fed enough and that can lead to tissue damage and general weakness.

4- Reduce The Risk Of Heart Diseases.

Olives contain fats but healthy fats that neutralize free radicals and unclog the arteries of harmful cholesterol that can lead to serious heart diseases while boosting the level of good cholesterol, thus olives have the ability to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

5- Radiant Skin And Lustrous Hair.

Olives are rich with vitamin E as we mentioned above, combined with the high levels of fatty acids content in olives, it can completely renew and bring life back to your hair and skin, they hello nourishing, repairing and hydrating your skin and hair, different skin related problems and even aging signs are effectively prevented with the consumption of olives regularly, and when it comes to skin and hair, not only the consumption of olives is great but also application, feel free to apply olive oil on your skin and hair to get all its potential benefits.

6- Reduce Allergies.

Nowadays world with all its polluted environment cause allergies to get worse, however, olives were proven to contain a unique element that bring down the receptors of histamine, all that beside the anti-inflammatory content in olives that also help to keep allergies at bay.

7- Pain Killer.

Olives and olive oil contain as much anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as any pain killer you can use, therefore it is very effective to provide and instant pain relief.

8- For Good Vision.

Olives contain 10% of the daily recommended levels of vitamin A we should consume, vitamin A help to prevent many vision related disorders while strengthening the vision ability to differentiate between colors, light and dark.

Eat More Olives

Reasons Why You Should Eat More Olives

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