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Four Reasons To Wax And Not Shave

Shaving body hair is a problem for most women all over the world, there are many ways to get rid of body hair that include shaving, waxing, laser treatments or hair removal creams, each if these methods have its own advantages and disadvantages, however the two most common hair removal methods tend to be shaving and waxing, in my own opinion, waxing is more convenient and beneficial than shaving and here is why:-

1- Waxing Gives Longer Time For Re-growth.

When you shave your body hair you are only cutting the surface part of the hair which makes the hair grow again within just a few days, however with waxing it is different, when you Wax you are removing the hair from the root which gives way longer for the hair to grow back, it takes about two to five weeks for the hair to grow back if you Wax it according to the nature of your body hair.

2- No Shaving Burns Or Bumps With Waxing.

When you shave and because you are using a sharp tool on your skin, you are quit likely to get shaving burns or bumps which is irritating for the skin and may leave Scars behind, however when you Wax this problem is not likely to happen because you are not using anything sharp in the process.

3- Waxing Gives You Smooth Skin.

The main reason you want to remove Unwanted body hair is to get smooth skin, when you shave, the hair is not completely removed and it grow really fast maybe by the next day or the same day night even, so you will never get the smooth skin with shaving, you can only get it with waxing because you are removing the hair from the roots, you are also removing dead skin cells, so it is like you are renewing your skin.

4- Waxing Saves You Time.

If your schedule is really full then you will have problems finding time to shave everyday or every other day and still try to deal with the Scars, scratches, rashes and so on that happen from shaving,you can Wax once a month and it don’t take you more than half an hour to get your whole body clean.
Reasons To Wax And Not Shave

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