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The Reasons Why You Should Warm Up Before Exercising

The reason the leads most of us to exercise is mostly our desire in staying fit, in shape and maintaining our health, which are all things that can be achieved by exercising regularly, on the other hand lack of exercises and physical activities can have its negative impact on one’s health.

Laying in bed with a sore and injured muscles will surely stop you from following your regular exercising regime, and here comes the importance of warming up before any exercise. Warming up before exercising is not only important to prevent injuries but also many other things and below are the reasons why you should always warm up before exercising.

1- To Increase Body Temperature.

While working out all of your body cells require more oxygen that it requires at regular times, so when you warm up, you increase your body temperature and in the same time you are helping your body to deliver more oxygen to all of its cells for a healthy workout session.

2- Increases Blood Flow To The Muscles.

Your muscles need to be well fed of oxygen and nutritions to allow you carry out an exercising session, warming up helps in increasing the blood flow to the muscles, increasing their elasticity, and make them more workable to allow you exercise more smoothly.

3- It Sets Your Heart Ready For The Exercise.

Your heart is the organ responsible to pump oxygen-rich blood through your body and since your body cells require or demand more oxygen during workout, your heart will need to work faster and harder, a warm up helps in adjusting your heart to recognize the body need of more oxygen.

4- It Reduces Chances Of Muscles Injuries.

When you lift up a heavy weight during exercise, your muscles contract quickly to gain more strength, your body then later produces Fluids to lubricate the muscles back, when you warm up, you give your body a hint to produce adequate Fluids to lubricate the muscles which in return will prevent any injuries caused by the constant muscles contractions and relaxation during exercise.

Warm Up Before Exercising

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