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4 Reasons why walking is great for your health

Walking keeps the body healthy for a long time. Some recent studies have shown that people who set some time to walk regularly have relatively better and higher tolerance to ailments, as they are less susceptible to diseases, cancer and strokes. I will list here some of the growing list of benefits of walking.

1/Relieves stress and tension…

Walking – in addition to other exercises – helps in the secretion of an endorphin that is very important for the body. This endorphin helps in relieving physical and mental stress and reduces anxiety and tension.

2/Walking reduces disease risks…
A regular walking habit minimizes the risk of type 2 diabetes by 60% aprroximately. Moreover, you’re 20% less likely to develop cancer of the colon, breast or womb with a regular habit that involves keeping your body active such as walking.

3/ walking reduces the risk of heart attack and heart disease…

Walking helps in stimulating blood circulation in the body. So, it reduces the chances of heart attack and other heart diseases as it leads to reducing the ratio of harmful cholesterol in the body.

4/ Another simple yet important reason why walking is beneficial to your health is that it makes you happy. It’s true – walking improves your mood. Studies show that a regular walk is just as effective as antidepressants in treating cases of depression. It leads to increasing an endorphin which improves your mood while reducing stress and anxiety.

5/ Walking is a good exercise for your eyes. Many things involved in walking contribute to this fact. When walking, you have bigger chance to see things located at different distance from you which is a good exercise for your eyes. Moreover, getting a change of air and colors benefits your eyes greatly.

Reasons why walking is great for your health

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