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Reasons Why You Should Totally Avoid Weight Loss Shakes

People with extra weight problem all over the world want the same thing: losing weight fast. As a result they follow difficult weight loss diets and strenuous life-style changes that push their bodies to their limits and back-fires at them.

One such strategy is substitution fulfilling meals with weird thing they are calling now “Weight Loss Shakes”, which is a big mistake for the following reasons:

1- Weight loss shakes can contain really dangerous ingredients. It has things like Sodium phosphate which is a laxation causing chemical, Xanthan Gum which can trigger allergic reaction to many people, Aspartame which is a well-known cancerous nerve damaging material and Acesulfame Potassium which is a satiety negating sweetner.

2- They don’t make you lose weight any more than a natural weight loss diet does. You might face some people who swear by them and say things like, “I’ve lost 7 kilos on my first month on weight loss shakes” well, when you are dieting for the first time, you lose weight quickly whatever the diet you apply. However, dieting by drinking weight loss shakes may push your body’s defense mechanism to its full potential making your calorie burning rate drop severely afterwards.

3- Weight loss shakes are really poor nutrition, taste and satiety wise. A glass or two full of semi-liquid strange tasting thing can never substitute a healthy nutritious meal. These shakes are severely lacking in nutrients you need direly, such as protein, carbs and fat (yes, fat, which you really need to carry vitamins and minerals to your body).

4- They are a complete 180 from what you are used to doing. If you are applying something that is considered a polar opposite of what you are used to do, it won’t be unexpected to give up losing weight shortly after altogether.

Avoid Weight Loss Shakes

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