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5 Reasons Why You Need to Be a Total Jerk Sometimes

“Be kind to others”, “no one likes a jerk”, “No one likes a bully”, “Treat others the way you want to be treated” etc. We’ve all heard these advices and more from our parents and teachers among many others. However, sometimes there is no way but to make a stand, and by making a stand, I mean being a total jerk. Here are the reasons for that:

1- Being nice means apologizing when you make a mistake. Apology won’t fix the mistake, so just fix the damage and make up for the mistake in silent actions not words. Apologizing is seen by many as a sign of weakness and cowardice.

2- People – especially women – dig bad boys. In other words, being a total jerk and acting like an insensitive badass will make others admire you, even love you. It is in people’s DNA to be attracted to the unique element, and admire its massive force to push away others without a care in the world.

3- When you yourself are a total jerk, you guarantee that no one will act like one with you. After all, you are intimidating enough as it is, so what will you do if someone starts to annoy you? It is the same tactic bullies use; they get bullied by others so they bully others to make sure they won’t be bothered anymore.

4- By being a total jerk, you vent up your stress and frustration regularly. You don’t have to harbor resentment and loathing towards others and smile in their faces while you want to bite their heads off. You get it all off of your chest quickly and effectively.

5- Being a total jerk is associated with power 99% of the time. What people think when you are a jerk is that you are too powerful to give a damn.

Reasons Why You Need to Be a Total Jerk Sometimes