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Reasons why you need to quit worrying about everything being perfect!

Get over your perfectionist habits and you will begin to realize that what actually matters is that you do your best. You can be happy with yourself that you accomplished the task, to the best of your capability, at the moment that you had to do it, and that is great enough.

1. You will have more time for yourself.
Apart from everything else, perfectionism is a time-consuming job! Stop seeking that temporary perfection and you will have more free time to enjoy yourself.

You will no longer be regularly wasting your time attempting to make all just that little bit greater; you will be capable of putting a job to bed and getting on with enjoying yourself.

2. Your friends will like you more.
Being nearby a perfectionist is not a lot of fun since they are so picky! Everything has to be top notch, and a perfectionist takes every matter so seriously. Get over your perfectionist habit and you will become a much more fun character to be around with.

3. You will earn a more balanced life.
Seeking to be perfect will cause you to focus too much of your time on the things that don’t matter. While you are locked away in a room working to get something perfect, your family needs you. Quit trying to be perfect and focus preferably on the important matters in life and everyone will be thankful.

4. Perfection is not possible anyway.
Truly, apart from all the other reasons which we have given you for not striving to be perfect, the most significant of them all is that you will never be capable of achieving perfection.

quit worrying about everything being perfect

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