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Five Reasons For Your Swollen Face

Ever woken up with a puffy face? While you know that indulging in salted foods or gaining weight cam make your face look puffier than usual, there are other surprising and quit more serious causes than only putting on weight. Here’s the most common causes for swollen face.

1- You’ve Got A Sinus Infection.

If you are, then the air filled space behind your nose, forehead and cheekbones become inflamed and infected, they can also be filled with mucus, that creates a pressure that causes a dull ache, pounding headache, and sometimes swollen face. This is often caused by a viral infection, meaning that you won’t need antibiotics to get better, all you will need is resting, drinking plenty of fluids and taking an over-the-counter antihistamine.

2- You Have An Infected Tooth.

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth or untreated cavity, the bacteria will find place to sneak into the pulp, which is the soft inner part of your tooth, bacteria take home there and start to multiply which causes a buildup of puss, all that can cause a jawline swelling and a wicked pain, your dentist may choose to perform a root canal to get rid of the infected nerve, in the meantime gargling with saltwater and taking OTC painkillers may make you feel a little better.

3- Cushing’s Disease.

You may have heard about cortisol as infamous stress hormone, but it also helps in regulating blood pressure, blood sugar and a couple of other processes in the body, when too much of it get produced by your adrenal gland, you get a condition that is medically known as Cushing’s , this condition affect women three times more than men, it is associated with a round moon-shaped face, tender skin that is more prone to bruises and thicker or more body hair.

4- You May Be Allergic To Something.

Besides red eyes and runny nose, swollen face can be a sign of an allergy to some kind of substance, whether it be pollen, food, meds or anything, the allergy may cause inflammation in the face hence swelling, over the counter anti-inflammations and pain killers may help to bring down swelling.

5- You Have Cellulitis.

Not cellulite, Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that affects the skin and causes it to rapidly get inflated, red and very hot, if you develop these symptoms and especially if the swelling spreads, you have to instantly get to the emergency room, a course of antibiotics can clear the infection up, this condition can be deadly.

Five Reasons For Your Swollen Face

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