Four Reasons To Stay Away From Soda Like A Disease

1- Soda Is Addictive.

Soda contain caffiene which as we all know is a nerve stimulant, it temporarily gives you an energy boost, too much of caffiene can lead to high blood pressure and difficulties falling asleep at night, the substance is also Addictive, when you stop or reduce your consumption of it suddenly you should notice negative mood shifts, depression, restlessness and irritability.

2- It Increases Your Risk Of Obesity.

A study was made by the university of Texas Health Science Center concluded that drinking both diet and regular sodas can increase your risks of obesity by up to 1.6 times, beside the high level of sugar in the beverage, it actually provide almost no nutritional value at all.

3- It Can Get You Dehydrated.

Unlike the common myths that soda can alleviate your thirst. The truth is that, the caffiene found in soda can actually get you Dehydrated, caffiene works as a diuretic increasing your frequency of urination and getting your bod y rid of water, so when you are thirsty better you choose water instead of soda.

4- It Damages Your Bones.

A study made by Tufts University revealed that drinking soda drinks regularly long enough leads to a loss in the bones density and increases the risk of osteoporosis in old age, phosphorus Acid found in soda disturbs the body’s ability to absorb calcium leading to bone density loss and Tooth enamel damage.
Reasons Stay Away Soda Like A Disease