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The Reasons Why You Should Sleep More On Your Left Side

You may have heard often that sleeping on the left side is healthier thn sleeping on the right side but you may have given the talk no importance or though that it may just be old wives tales but did you know that

sleeping on the left side was proven by many researches to have many health benefits that we are going to mention some of them to you in the list below however note that if you have any heart problems then ask your doctor whether or not sleeping on your left side is always suitable for you.

1- Get A Better Lymphatic Drainage.

Your lymph system is what is responsible to carry out toxins and infection-compating dead white blood cells out of the body, the lymph system is dominant to the left side and the left side is mainly where the lymph fluid is drained.

2- Recommended During Pregnancy.

Sleeping on the left side during pregnancy and specially the last trimester can prevent the pressure applied by the live on the uterus, it can also ensure a better blood circulation and flow to the uterus and to the fetus, it also helps in alleviating back pain that is very common during pregnancy.

3- Better Digestion.

In case you are late at night , it is better to sleep on your left side to allow your intestines and pancreas to hang comfortably and digest food without any pressure of any other organ.

4- Reduce Heart Burn.

Heart burn is another problem experienced when you eat right before going to be, the problem can b reduced by sleeping on the left side. Your stomach is mainly located on the left side of your body, sleeping in this position won’t allow the acidic digestive Fluids to enter your esophagus causing heart burn.

Sleep More On Your Left Side

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