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Three Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Shed Your Belly Fat

When it comes to weight loss there are many misinformation out there for sure, many women and even experts swear by certain diet plans or exercise that flatten the stomach and while certain exercises can work for some, people are different and respond to different things differently. In fact some of the popular so called “healthy habits” could be just hindering your progress and making your stomach fat even more stubborn to shed, read on the following to find out why you were not successful to lose your belly fat completely.

1- You Eat Low Calories Packaged Foods.

Even low calories packaged foods like frozen meals, bar meals and packaged snacks can be very high in sodium and sugar content which will end you up putting on weight, in recent studies, consuming meals that are rich in sugar and fat caused people to gain more weight than intaking the same amount of calories out of well balanced meals.

Salt is a main ingredient in most of the packaged meals and it cause your body to retain water and your stomach to bloat, so make sure to just eat what your hands prepare.

2- You Consider Spot Training.

If you are doing crunches like crazy to target your stomach fat only and neglecting the rest of your body, you simply can be worsening the situation or you wont see promising results, the crunches will yes build muscles, however they will remain hidden underneath the fat layer which may just make your belly look even fatter, you should be aiming to lose weight overall your body to see encouraging results with your belly.

3- You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep.

Yes not getting enough sleep is a huge culprit in weight gain, however it is often neglected as a cause, in a study done by the Wake Forest University, people who get five or less hours sleep every night weighted more,

lack of sleep wont only slow down your metabolism but also increase the production of hunger hormones as well as leaving you too exhausted to hit the gym, the study also proved that most of that gained weight mainly accumulate around the belly.

 Reasons Why You Can't Shed Your Belly Fat

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