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5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Vegan Cosmetics and Skincare Products

Until this day and age many people think (weird plant eating hippies) when they hear that someone is adopting veganism. Some even think things like, “Some people are vegan because they cannot afford being otherwise, count your blessings!”

However, Being vegan includes much more than changing food choices. It is applying a planet friendly lifestyle in all aspects of your life, even on the makeup you wear. Here are the reasons why you should buy and use vegan cosmetics and skincare products:

1- You will be making sure that your skin lotion hasn’t caused an inflammation to some poor animal’s skin somewhere. Vegan beauty products are not tested on animals and are thus cruelty free.

2- Did you know that using usual non-vegan makeup and skincare products entails using dead animal by-products? Most non-vegan beauty products contain things like beeswax, uric acids, parts and extracts from dead animals and many other similarly disgusting things. You’ll spare your skin the burden of having to deal with this stuff.

3- Vegan makeup and skincare products are packaged with tools and put in containers made from ecofriendly recycled materials. This is really important because the more people use vegan ecofriendly products the less polluted and resource-exhausted our planet gets.

4- Vegan skincare and beauty products are milder and more delicate on your skin than any other non-vegan products. They are the most evident and preferable choice if you have a sensitive skin or any type of skin problem.

5- Vegan beauty and skincare products are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, if you are looking for a certain rare lipstick color, you will more likely find it among vegan products. Many cosmetic companies are now adopting veganism when manufacturing their high quality products.

Reasons Why You Should Pick Vegan Cosmetics and Skincare Products

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